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    Specializing in creation of beautiful smiles. With more than 15 years of clinical and teaching experience in fields of prosthodontic, cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

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    Dr. Haroun Rostami
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    See what our patients have to say about their experience at Brentwood Dental Group. We truly believe that quality of care is the best business plan to win the patient's trust.

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  • Don't Wait till it Hurts!

    If you have a tooth pain, waiting is the worst thing you could do for your health. What you don't know about your toothache might cause risk to your teeth and overall health.

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    Toothache Pain
  • Cavities are Preventable

    Cavities form because plaque and tartar can build up in a very short time. Soft plaque can harden on the teeth (form tartar) and irritate the gum tissue, and form Cavities.

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    Don't wait till it hurts
  • Better Smile, Better Dates

    Did you know that dating coaches translate better smile into better dates? If not then you should consider enhancing your smile. Get few tips on how to enhance your smile.

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    Hot to get Better Smiles
  • Wireless Braces

    Need braces, but hate wearing them? We understand your concerns, and would like to share helpful information with you about an alternative choice named invisalign®.

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    Invisalign or Clear Braces
  • Tired of Brushing?

    Your home toothpaste contains only 1,000 ppm of fluoride, which is not enough power to change your teeth color dramatically, whereas office whitening is desiged just to do that.

    No, Long Live Toothbrush Yes, Tired of Brushing
    Office Laser tooth Whitening

First Time Here?

Dear Patient,
I am Dr. Haroun Rostami and I would like to welcome you to my practice. First of all I would like to reassure why you have made the right decision by choosing me as your primary dental care provider. Read More >>

  • I cannot even imagine that how easy and comfortable my dental treatment was which I managed to postpone for a long time due to my fear.

    Nancy Morales - Long Beach
  • I would definitely recommend Dr. Rostami and Brentwood Dental Group to anyone who is afraid of dentist like I was.

    Norik D. - Glendale
  • Dr. Rostami extracted my remaining unhealthy teeth and made perfect new implants which have changed my life.

    Ruth C. Greenburg - Brentwood California
  • I am very grateful to Dr. Rostami and his excellent staff for the expert and gentle care I have received over the years.

    John McKenzie - Santa Monica
  • He has been extremely meticulous and patient with my treatment planning and the care that I received is without a doubt the best that I could expect.

    Allen Cohen - Beverly Hills