Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction refers to treatments which restore the look and function of a patient’s smile by replacing damaged or missing teeth in both the lower and upper jaws.

Also known as full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth restoration, these treatments may be used to improve an individual’s oral health prior to beginning other treatments like the placement of implants.

Because full mouth reconstruction refers to several different treatments, there is no singular process that will apply to every patient. Instead, treatments are selected, combined, and tailored to the unique needs of the individual.

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Factors which determine the degree of treatment include general oral health, the number of teeth missing or damaged, the extent and nature of the damage, the location of missing teeth, gum health, and more.

Despite that each procedure will not be exactly the same, there are a few steps common to the full mouth rehabilitation process. We begin by conducting an exam to diagnose the nature and extent of any oral health problems.

We will then speak with you to determine what treatments will be most effective for your needs. If you lack the level of health needed to begin these treatments, we will then proceed to improve your oral health through other procedures. For example, the presence of gum disease might indicate the need for laser gum surgery.

To give you the most comfortable fit and natural-looking results possible, we carefully measure and determine the alignment of your smile. We will test the fit, color, size, and placement of your prosthetic teeth to restore function and appearance to your smile.

Brentwood Dental Group is proud to provide patients in the Brentwood area with dental and prosthodontic solutions.

Dr. Haroun Rostami, a leader in prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, has helped patients get the healthy, beautiful smiles they want for over twenty years. Call us today at 310-979-8345 to learn how we can help you!


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