Smile Gallery / Patient Before and After Treatments

Through years of our dental practice, we have had patients requiring dental treatments from small cavity filings to full mouth reconstructions, where patients were severely injured in an accident. Every patient is unique for us, and we want our patients to feel the same way, by providing personalized care and treatment they require. When it comes to dental treatments, patients trust their dentist to help them to make the best decision about their teeth. Teeth are very touchy subject, because for adults, they are permanent and will need it for the rest of your life. Therefore, making the right decision is very important for your teeth. We encourage our patients to share their feelings about their current teeth and what kind of changes they would like to have with their teeth, so we could help consult them on best possible treatments. Current dental advancement in fields of dental implant and cosmetic dentistry has enabled dentists to go beyond just the looks, and provide patients with beautiful smiles and functional teeth for their daily lifestyle. This picture gallery is some of the works previously done at Brentwood Dental Group, to show how possible is to have a beautiful smile. If you would like to see more extreme cases or cases similar to your scheduled treatment, please ask at the front desk for before and after picture gallery.

Full mouth reconstruction
Implant bridge
Gummy smile
Single Implant for missing tooth
Porcelain veneers
Composite bonding
Crown and bridges
Smile makeover