Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser gum surgery offers patients a revolutionary way to treat periodontal disease without the use of a scalpel or sutures as with traditional surgery. Laser gum surgery is far less invasive and provides a significantly more comfortable experience for patients. Learn more about laser gum surgery below.

How Soft Tissue Lasers Works

A laser operates at a specific wavelength which distinguishes infected tissue from healthy gum tissue. This allows the dentist to target infected gums and cut away the compromised tissue to stop gum disease in its tracks. The healthy tissue remains while the bacteria and disease causing pain and damage to your oral health is removed.

Unlike traditional surgery, which often requires pain medication and down time, the laser procedure is so minimally invasive that most patients require no prescriptions and can return to work immediately. And because soft tissue laser only targets the infected gums, there is either little or no recession of the gum line due to treatment. Recession of the gum line can cause teeth to become sensitive and to appear elongated, so maintaining your natural healthy tissue is always an advantage.

The laser targets bacteria in the pockets of infection to eliminate periodontal disease. The laser reduces inflammation and allows your healthy tissue to remain untouched. The laser also stimulates the bone surrounding the tooth root. This encourages regeneration, which can allow you to keep your natural teeth rather than have them removed.

Soft tissue lasers often reverses periodontal disease, allowing patients to regain and maintain complete oral health. Gum disease is highly common among adults. Using laser treatment to eliminate this painful and damaging disease can help many adults feel better faster with minimal cost in time or discomfort.

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