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Anyone dealing with grinding and impact injuries in the Brentwood, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas can get treatment at Brentwood Dental Group. Dr. Rostami uses the best therapies to help protect teeth grinding.

Mouthguards Q & A

Why are Night Guards Used?

To prevent teeth grinding, or bruxism, which can wear teeth down and increase the risk of decay, gum disease, and at its worst tooth loss, patients are provided custom night guards. Bruxism can lead to temporomandibular joint disorders which in turn can cause jaw pain and headaches. The jaw may also produce a clicking noise when the person opens and closes his or her mouth. To prevent grinding and clenching when a person is asleep the dentist uses mouthguards.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Many different factors can lead to teeth grinding. Chronic stress and an unbalanced bite can contribute to grinding. Many times when the unbalanced bite is addressed by either replacing the missing teeth or treating those which are crooked or damaged, the grinding is also treated. Stress management can help those who are grinding because of nervous or anxious tension. However, the habit can be difficult to break. This is why mouthguards are used to protect the teeth while other treatments are also attempting to correct the issue.

Why Should I Get a Dentist-made Mouthguard as Opposed to one from the Store?

Mouthguards purchased at the store are made to fit everyone and will not be designed to accommodate a person’s specific teeth and jaw. This makes them less effective and usually much less comfortable. Even those which use hot water to mold to a person teeth will change over time and are not as good a fit as those made at the dentist office. Custom sports and night guards are available at the dentist’s office and will be made specifically to match the shape of a person’s mouth and bite. The dentist will make an impression of the lower and upper teeth and will then send the impression to an advanced lab where the guard will be fabricated. These guards will be made out of special, state-of-the-art materials which are more durable and long lasting.  


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