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The 6 Steps Of A Dental Implant Surgery

The 6 Steps Of A Dental Implant Surgery

A dental implant is a prosthetic device placed into your jawbone to serve as the root onto which a crown will be mounted. Dental implants are considered the most permanent replacement for missing teeth as they are supported on the jaw just like natural teeth.

The following is a step-by-step account of what a dental implant procedure entails:

Step #1. Evaluation

Using x-ray scans, your dentist or surgeon studies your jaw bone to check if you have enough bone weight to successfully undergo the treatment. The procedure will proceed once you’ve been found to be a qualified candidate. If not, an alternative treatment will be recommended.

Step #2. Impressions

Impressions of your mouth will be taken to be used in the fabrication of your crown. Crowns are usually manufactured in external laboratories.

Step #3. Tooth extraction (if necessary)

If the tooth that needs replacing is still on the jaw, your dentist will have to extract it first.

Step #4. Implant

This appointment may come up to six months after the extraction. If there was no extraction needed, your jawbone will be drilled on the same day.

Step #5. Abutment placement

The jaw may take several weeks to a few months to heal and fuse with the implant. That is when the abutment will be mounted. Abutments provide a connection point between the implant and the crown. Sometimes the abutment is placed on the same day the implant is fixed.

Step #6. Crown

The crown will be fixed on the final appointment, and you will be good to go!

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