What to Expect When Visiting a Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists usually receive many patients as a referral by general dentists, who are not comfortable handling challenging situations to restore the condition of their patient’s teeth and mouth while making cosmetic improvements. At the same time, they provide general dental for families in the community.

All treatments begin with a thorough consultation where the dentist conducts a comprehensive examination to understand your specific dental and cosmetic needs. Routine dental exams are a key component of maintaining optimal oral health and overall good health. In fact, the Academy of General Dentistry recommends that you visit your dentist every six months.

However, each person is unique, and all your family’s oral needs are never the same. Here’s what to expect during a consultation:

Your medical history review
The goal is to find out whether you have any medical conditions, or are using any medications that may affect your oral health. The dentist will ask for:

  • Any illnesses or medical conditions you are currently receiving treatment for
  • Any medications or supplements you are currently taking
  • Any known allergies or adverse reactions to anesthesia – your or a family member
  • Your lifestyle habits – such as alcohol consumption and the use of tobacco products

This is an integral part of your first dental exam as it will help the dentist to identify the need for precautionary measures when creating your custom treatment plan.

Physical exam
During your dental exam, the dentist will visually inspect your mouth using mouth mirrors, high intensity lights, and other specialized dental equipment. This process includes:

  • Careful examination of the surface of your teeth to check for cracks, decay, cavities
  • Inspection of your gum tissues for signs of gum disease
  • Examination of any existing restorations, such as fillings and crowns to ensure that they’re in good condition

Oral cancer screening
The dentist will inspect your lips, tongue, gums, throat, face, neck, roof of your mouth, and other oral tissues to check for early signs of cancer and other conditions.

If necessary, the dentist may take bitewings or x-rays to detect abnormalities underneath the surface that are not apparent to the naked eye

Create your custom oral plan
The dental exam will reveal not only the condition of your mouth, but also your general health. Depending on the results, the dentist will recommend preventive actions to maintain your oral health, or schedule any urgent treatments to prevent the problem from getting worse and ultimately increasing the treatment cost. Whether it has been six months or years since your last dental appointment, it all starts with a comprehensive exam to help create a personalized preventive or treatment plan.

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